Wednesday, 28 December 2011


It's been ages since I checked the viewing stats for the blog via Google Analytics. I had a look today out of interest and noticed there had been more traffic than usual. On closer inspection, it now seems my blog is the "go-to" place for pictures of cows!!

bloody marvelous...

Google has suddenly decided to index the cow picture I used in this post on page 1 of their image search for the word "cow"!

Oh well, at least this blog is useful for something!

Back to trading matters and I'm pleased to report a couple of decent days trading

It's a relief actually, as Christmas over-spending and a recent bout of decorating has left my bank account a bit wounded. Also, the missus keeps banging on about getting a new dining room table so I felt I had a point to prove.

The Boxing Day madness of races going off every five minutes suits me down to the ground as I can really (cliché alert!) get "in-the-zone"; barring any silly mistakes, I know I'll always make money on these days.

Today was nice enough too although I'm still prone to making some horrid gaffes

£100 gone in 15 minutes. Not great, but I'm well used to the ebb-and-flow of money now and keeping a cool head in the next two races quickly made up for those errors



  1. Wow, that was decent days :P

    Nice profit, keep going !

  2. Oh yes, your blog has become a by-word for all us cow picture hunters. This is a must see blog for all enthusiasts!!!

    Good couple of days and happy new year ;)

  3. @PTtrader - thank you Sir! :-)

    @Chris Cringle - udderly ridiculous! ;-)

    Have a great 2012 mate, hope your trading continues to prosper.


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