Sunday, 18 December 2011

Slim pickings

Not much doing today - got into a bit of trouble early on and spent the rest of the session trying to claw it back...before ballsing-it-up in the second last :-(

Yesterday was far, far better...but this blog doesn't just sing when it's winning!

My emotional state has certainly improved since my post in early November, when things seemed somewhat bleak; my interest in all things trading remains indifferent though, including reading other blogs and even updating my own. I think it's because I'm approaching the end of a long and intense first year trading as a professional and I'm ready for a New Year now and a fresh start.

I've started taking the St John's Wort herbal remedy / supplement in a bid to try and "steady the ship" a little bit - it's meant to be effective at improving your mood and apparently they're mad about it in Germany! Maybe that's why they're so steadfast?! Taking that, combined with the fact I've joined a local gym to train at (instead of in my garage in isolation), have both helped immensely.

I had a couple of nice emails in November from people looking for a bit of advice. It's good to be able to give something back to the trading community in this way, in the same way I absorbed some terrific advice from other bloggers in the early days. My email address is at the top of the blog if you have a question about something I may have written in the past - I'll try my best to answer it.

I downloaded Camtasia 2 for Mac last week on a free trial basis and had a go at recording some pre-race trades for some training videos I intend to publish in Spring 2012.

That's been a bit of a learning curve in itself though, as articulating my thought processes while trying to execute them is harder than it seems. I managed a couple of green outcomes but there were a few red ones too as I found I was "putting myself off"! I was also aware I was pausing and saying "eeeeeerrmmm" at lot in between speaking, which is just plain annoying!

I may choose to just record the vids and narrate / annotate them afterwards, but I can't help feeling it would take something away from the experience.

I've chosen my domain name and have a dummy Wordpress blog in place - I just need to "pull my finger out" and get it done now. I'll only release a product that I'm 100% happy with though - and if I don't feel that the vids are up-to-scratch then I won't release them to the marketplace. If I decide that I'm revealing too much of my edge, or not enough to be useful to anybody, then that's another good reason not to release them.


  1. St John's Wort is good but Marmite has the exact same effect (if you like it).

    Good to see you're feeling better in yourself. Be good and have a great christmas and I look forward to carrying on reading your musings :)

    Ho Ho Ho!

  2. Marmite? Never knew that! I'm not keen on it though, so I'll have to stick to the 'Wort for now.


  3. Go for it mets, plenty of traders selling their 'wares' these days. I think people would much rather buy any services from someone like yourself who's shown a proven track record of winning for a long time through your blog. Even Cassini's got the old begging bowl out with paypal links on his site and posting up pnl shots these days.

    You might not be posting the cherry picked big wins like Webb etc but considering you've only been full time for a year, your results and honesty are more impressive than you'd imagine. You only needed to look at the Geeks recent charity pnl drive where all the training vendors seemed to go AWOL rather than proof themselves.

    I'd considered it myself but with my methods I'd most likely be cutting my own throat pre off but like yourself my inplay stuff wouldn't affect my profits.

  4. @Anon - thanks for the encouragement mate :-)


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