Saturday, 14 January 2012

Purple debut

With Betfair down again yesterday afternoon, the positive side was that I could take a look at the Betdaq version of the Geeks Toy. I'm really impressed actually, everything looked exactly the same as the Betfair version (more-or-less), even the profiles that I've set up in the Betfair version were shared with this version - quality!

As for the Betdaq pre-race markets, well it felt a bit like trading the dogs on Betfair: loads of gaps in the prices and no obvious clues as to which way they were heading. I managed a few quid, enough to take the wife out for tea maybe!

The in-running markets are about as liquid as a typical Meydan race on Betfair - doesn't suit me one bit.

It's nice to know that - if Betfair did suddenly implode - I could probably still scrape some sort of existence on the 'daq.

ATR Tracker
I often find that I need to jot down a note or two about a horse if it does something interesting in-running that may serve as an angle the next time it runs.

At The Races have launched quite a useful tool on their website which lets you make some quick notes on upto 50 horses that might catch your eye

They then send you a reminder on the day that the horse is running (if declared).


  1. Hi Mets,

    I have been reading your blog for a while and wonder if you interested in exchanging links. Take a look at HCE and see what you think.

    Kind regards,

  2. Mets- With regards to the ATR tracker, the only issue is that they send it out on the morning of the races. try the ladbrokes "nag me" service as that comes out the night before so you may get benefit of early prices?



  3. Your P & F accounts seems to be Very good.

  4. @Jason - as long as you put the apostrophe (Mets') in the right place...otherwise I'll have to get my "punctuation repair kit" out ;-)

    @Geoff - cheers mate, early prices no use to me though as I'm only using it for my in-running plays.

    @TC - thanks for stopping by :)


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