Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lift off

After my last post, I managed to turn things around a bit in the last 7 days

It's a good job really, as my confidence in (and enthusiasm for) trading took a bit of a hammering during the first three weeks of this month.

It was interesting doing the Leicester card today having just visited the track the week before last. Having an appreciation of a track's layout helps me to view the race in my mind's eye, which assists my in-running judgement calls. A tight, undulating track like Leicester, with its uphill finish, can certainly shake up the in-running markets more than a 1-miler on Newmarket's "July course" for instance; I find those a waste of time to trade in-running, especially if Tommo is calling them :(

"let's leave that one to the judge...!"

With Cheltenham just 2 weeks away, I want to try and get together a 4.5k trading bank. Last year I used a 3.5k bank and managed to get into a good stride to earn a decent sum. I don't really like chasing targets as it puts undue pressure on me but I've got a few more weapons in my arsenal since last year - especially in-play - so let's see.


  1. tell me about it buddy a decent bank is helpful at chelts, not long been stripped of my stash after splitting up with the old lady... left me a little anxious with theirs opportunity only coming around once a year!! Just checked with the bank and they'll give me a 2k overdraft, looks like my favourable option.. just a thought.


  2. Ello mate,

    Yes, borrowing the money would probably be a good move since you've already got this trading lark sussed - it's only for 4 days after all.

  3. Hi mate, i've been following you, im a tennis trader and have some curiosity about horse trading. I saw you managed to get around 800£ profit this month, i wonder how much bankroll do you have and how much % do you stake in each race? cheers from portugal

  4. Hi Gustavo,

    My bank is £3k at the moment but I plan on using a 4.5k bank for the Cheltenham festival. Pre-race, I look for about £5-£10 a tick, and in-running I try not to have a liability of more than £50 where possible.

    There seem to be a lot of Portugese Betfair traders?! But I never seem to see any from your neighbours Spain?

  5. Eh, there are a couple of them, but full timers are less as me. From spain unfurtunelly i known 0.

    Im portuguese but i was living in Swindon sometime :)

    Do you work with investor or just yourself? example i give you 2k and you return me 10% end of every month..cheers mate

  6. Just working for myself.

    I use a 3k bank and do ok with that. If you gave me another 2k, I don't think I'd do any better with a 5k bank to be honest.

    I could use 5k of my own money tomorrow but I'd just be putting more at risk...and I don't like taking risks! The added pressure affects the way I approach the markets, and NOT in a good way :)


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