Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A thoroughly crap Feb

I think the title says it all!!

I can't get any "lift-off" this month at all, and 1st-21st February takings are pretty poor

Of course, the snow caused a lot of problems at the start of the month but I simply haven't been able to get into any kind of rhythm when there's been racing on.

I'm finding the pre-race trading almost impossible at the moment - there seem to be too many "players" out there moving the prices around too quickly for an out-and-out scalper like me. It's not just odd days now either, but pretty much every day. All this low grade / small field dross doesn't help matters obviously, and I expect a lot of other traders are feeling the pinch too without much punter money around.

I was up by a ton today just from the in-running stuff but as soon as I dipped my toe in the pre-race waters I was "done" for £70!!
"Profit gone!"

I'll just have to try and abstain from the pre-race stuff at the moment until I can get a handle on it again.

I ventured over to Leicester racetrack last Thursday for a little "jolly"...and jolly cold it was too!

the uphill finish

Despite doing a lot of prior analysis and turning up "armed" with my selections for all six races, I only ended up putting my money down on the feature race of the day in which McCoy was running. I find it difficult to get out of trader mode when it comes to gambling - I suppose I'm just more appreciative of money now and can't bear to throw it away.

I managed to land the winner...well one of them! Mr McCoy got up besides my selection in the final furlong  to force a deadheat grrrrr! A fiver stake on a 4-1 selection at half the odds didn't exactly have me laughing all the way to the bank ;-)

It was nice to get out from behind the screen though, even if Leicester is a complete nightmare to drive through! I did my degree there many years ago, and I have a certain fondness for the place.

I want to make a habit of getting to the tracks a bit more, and have decided to make it a life's ambition to visit every UK track before I peg it. I was going to include the Irish ones too, but I've just been on Wiki and there are more than I thought!!

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Following on from this post, I'm pleased that the blog remains the go-to place for "cow" searches on Google

No 7 made me chuckle :-D


  1. It's not over til the fat lady sings, mets, still a few days to go remember it's a leap year :)

    Feb's had been pretty poor for me too but the last two days have both brought in unexpected 4 figure sums to save the day. You just can never tell when that opportunity is going to knock just gotta plod along as usual and hope.

    Jan and Feb are never going to be big earners for us horse race traders and this year's had so many abandonments the volume of markets just isn't there to make a decent whack. Come March you'll have forgotten all about this as things soon pick up with Cheltenham , start of the flat etc you'll be looking back fondly at these quiet days once night racing starts :(

  2. Ha ha yes LT, we'll be tied to our desks 2-9 soon enough.

    This month has got a bit better, just wanted to earn an acceptable amount to pay a few bills etc. Anything less than a grand and I might as well get a paper round! ;-)


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