Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cheltenham 2012: Day 1

Well, a right crappy old day for me as far as making my millions at Cheltenham goes...

I put a lot of pressure on myself to get a decent sum and it contributed to some silly errors, like trading upto £50 in one Cheltenham race only to blow £70 in-running :-(

Also, I'm finding it hard to deal with the pre-race markets at the moment - they seem to be all over the bloody place and I'm wondering if there has been some monumental shift in the way they behave? The word on the street is that I'm not the only one that has noticed a change. Be interesting to see what happens during the flat season.

If things don't improve with my pre-race game, I may very well be shifting over to Betdaq for a while to take my chances there. The Toy works really well on that platform and everything looks the same, which is nice. I'll have to stick with Betfair for the in-running stuff though as the liquidity on the 'daq was terrible the last time I looked.

Hope you're all suffering as badly as me having a great week ;-)


  1. Disappointing start for me too , mets. Made close to £700 which sounds good but considering most of that was coming from the other meetings it wasn't the start to Cheltenham I'd hoped for. Plenty of cash around though and was spilling over to the other meets which is good. Hopefully I'll be better prepared for tomorrow as day 1 can be hit and miss to get in the groove.

  2. Hey mets, Bit of a sloppy start for myself much likes you by the sounds of it mate, i too put alot of pressure on myself to perform big blunders giving 50+ each time... 1 was rather avoidable and the other i still dont get it properly cost me dearly but still any green is good :) if i remember from last year its likely to get better as the week goes on.. tomorrows a new day and all that

  3. @Anon - pretty amazing mate! I'd like to at least smash the £500 barrier over the next 3 days. I know what you mean about getting into the groove, took me a couple of days to really find my stride last year.

    @Caan - it was sloppiness mate, mixed with impatience and some nerves too. Looking forward to getting stuck in today - have a good one!


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