Sunday, 8 April 2012

Liquid trading

It was a lovely session of trading yesterday afternoon and I quickly forgot about the nightmare that was last Wednesday

Was meant to be going out at 4pm and didn't expect to do much in the 2 hours that I had, but as it turned out, we didn't need to leave until 5pm. I was already in blazing form by 4pm and that extra bit of time allowed me to bang out a few more good trades. If I'd have had time to finish all the cards, I feel sure I could've broken through that elusive £500 barrier.

The odds compiling stuff I'm working on is coming along nicely, with another 5 hours of coding completed on Friday evening. Ultimately, the vision is to create a set of custom race cards not unlike the Racing Post's ones but with more of the data I want to see on there

Adapting my program to spit out data as an html page (rather than to Excel) was fairly straightforward, but the real headache is styling the page to suit. I want the layout to be clear so I can quickly glance at it and digest it easily; my CSS skills are a bit rusty though and making divs act like table cells can be a bit tricky. At the end of the day, the hard work will be worth the effort as I'm already benefiting from having a greater insight into the runner, rider and trainer stats for each race.


  1. You can't fail to break thru that £500 barrier with the amount of racing todays , mets. Even my gran would be able to hit a tenner a race :)

  2. lol! Does your Gran teach??


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