Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Taken aback

I wasn't even going to trade today but was pleased I did as just about everything I did went right

The pre-race trading has been a bit hit-and-miss lately but I couldn't put a mouse-click wrong today. Sometimes, just having the rub of the green and being able to scratch a trade can do wonderful things to the PnL sheet; when the markets are swingy and erratic, I usually end up redding-up more often that not and then find myself trying to claw back my losses in-running, which can be pretty exhausting.

The in-running stuff was kind too and one of the strats I've been working on came to fruition in the 15:05 at Wolves. And while on most Winter days, I'm happy to 'knock off' around 16:00 to go to the gym, I just knew I had to keep going until the end today otherwise I'd be out of pocket....I was right - I would have forfeited a month-and-a-half's gym membership!

Training videos
Last week, I spent ages in the editing room, polishing up some footage of my trading which I recorded recently.

I've basically got 4 videos done now: three are 'real-time' i.e. I'm explaining my actions as I'm doing them; the fourth one is annotation-only because I really wanted to concentrate and make the best trades I could. I plan to do about 10-15 vids altogether. I won't talk over all of them, as it's a bit like having a hands-free phone call whilst driving - your mind isn't fully focussed on the road. I was very kindly asked to do some live webinars recently, but had to decline for this very reason, I'd probably end up losing you money!!

Anyway, I'm hopeful that there will be a 'package' available by the end of March, containing a mixture of talking+annotated and annotated-only videos. They'll be aimed at the beginner trader looking to make the step upto an intermediate level. I'm using my usual stakes, the plan being that beginners can scale-down their stakes and the strats will still work...obviously it doesn't always work the other way round so small stakes trading is not realistic in my opinion.

Today's effort would have been perfect video fodder, but I wasn't recording as there was someone in the house and I feel a bit self-conscious talking away to myself in my office when there are people around!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Purple debut

With Betfair down again yesterday afternoon, the positive side was that I could take a look at the Betdaq version of the Geeks Toy. I'm really impressed actually, everything looked exactly the same as the Betfair version (more-or-less), even the profiles that I've set up in the Betfair version were shared with this version - quality!

As for the Betdaq pre-race markets, well it felt a bit like trading the dogs on Betfair: loads of gaps in the prices and no obvious clues as to which way they were heading. I managed a few quid, enough to take the wife out for tea maybe!

The in-running markets are about as liquid as a typical Meydan race on Betfair - doesn't suit me one bit.

It's nice to know that - if Betfair did suddenly implode - I could probably still scrape some sort of existence on the 'daq.

ATR Tracker
I often find that I need to jot down a note or two about a horse if it does something interesting in-running that may serve as an angle the next time it runs.

At The Races have launched quite a useful tool on their website which lets you make some quick notes on upto 50 horses that might catch your eye

They then send you a reminder on the day that the horse is running (if declared).

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year, old habits

There seemed to be some opportunities today that were too good to be true - it was like "taking candy from a baby". I was feeling quite invincible at one point and was getting excited about a potential first £500 day before it fell apart

"...here you go, Mr Drain, have a share of my profits - it's not like I've been busting a gut to make it for the last 3 hours!!"

150 notes wasted. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened at at 14:55 that made me go off the rails for 20 minutes!! At one point, I swear I had an out-of-body experience and someone else was operating my keyboard and mouse!!

Just glad I managed to get back on an even keel again. A complete waste of an hour though.

Lazy Trader from Greed All Over made an interesting observation about his own trading via his comment on my last post

At this rate, neither will I.