Tuesday 17 April 2012

The "glamour" of track-side betting

Matt Chapman from ATR with his take on track-side betting for those who didn't see it today

Might have to turn the speakers up a bit as the volume on my telly was quite low.


  1. that bloke always cracks me up, i miss his BS only using the BF live video.... couldnt make it up some the stuff he comes out with

  2. They have found the edge in the system :)

  3. @Caan - yeah Mr Chapman has been getting a hard time as a race caller just lately but I'll take him over Tommo and Jim McGrath any day of the week.

    @Nider - I wonder what software he's running on that iPad?

  4. Ha-ha, if all else fails, whack on Angry Birds!

  5. or he becomes to Angry Bird!


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