Saturday 26 May 2012

The elusive £500 day

Well, my first £500 day came in the end but not how I expected

I had a fairly mediocre session on the horses and there was even a pad-throwing incident as I started giving large chunks back towards the end of the session. I got blasted in the 17:45 Chester race and had to red up for -£50 on one runner...always a kick in the teeth when you've been grinding away all afternoon to build up a nice bit of green.

The Eurovision, on the other hand, went quite smoothly and accumulated a lot of green on Sweden which I let run once those grannies from Russia had been on and didn't go down as well as expected. The grannies did steam in from about 7 to 3 while the vote counting was going on though, so I don't know what was going on there - they didn't go below about 5.8 while they were on and drifted to about 7 during the performance.

Still looking for a £500 day on the horses but I don't feel I've got enough in my arsenal to reach that at the moment.


  1. Hi mate, im a professional tennis trader from portugal, i see you doing well in horse racing, any possibility in exchanging tips? I would advise you on live tennis trading and you doing same for the horse racing? if you want i can show you my betting profit/losses from the last 3 monthes on betfair and im sure u will be satisfied with my performance, but im always interested in expand markets. cheers. is my contact

  2. Hi Gustavo, I'm not looking to do a skills exchange at the moment as I barely have enough time as it is without taking on tennis trading too! But I will certainly keep your offer in mind for the future...perhaps in the Winter when there is less racing on! :)


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