Wednesday 27 June 2012

All change

I've been having a bit of a move around in the trading room

I'm probably on my 4th configuration of my trading setup now! I quite like ripping it all out and starting again - it helps me to streamline my setup (and get to that hard-to-reach dust!).

I've moved away from running Geeks Toy on the iMac within virtual Windows, and am now running GT on my Mac Mini with Windows 7 64bit on a Bootcamp partition. The iMac was actually my music / media PC so this way I've achieved a pleasing separation between work and play.

My workspace is vitally important to me, especially as my OCD doesn't cope well with clutter!!

I tried to squeeze a third screen into the mix but it would've required some new hardware so I didn't bother. I did try a workaround, some software called Display Link which enables you to use an iPad as an extra monitor for Windows machines; it worked ok but the cursor was a bit laggy when moving around the iPad screen (because it's doing it over wifi I think).

Not a particularly good 5 days for me. I wasn't nearly as careful as I should've been on the Tuesday and was reeling from an early loss for the remainder of the session. The rest of the week wasn't a great deal better and I managed a few hundred across the festival but that was about it.

I'm a bit apathetic towards my trading at the minute and it spilled into Ascot unfortunately; developing my swing-trading has taken quite a lot out of me these last couple of months when it became obvious (back in February time) that my scalping technique wasn't going to stand up in seemingly more volatile markets. Anecdotal evidence suggests I'm not the only one who's had to adapt their trading styles in recent months.

Other reading
Some interesting posts recently over at 70k Betfair Tennis Trader - my heart raced as the author described his whole-bank punts on the tennis and football. It's all gone a bit quiet since the England-Italy match (he was expecting goals) but it did open my eyes to how quickly you can grow a small bank by backing the low odds in the right matches.

Another eye-opener was the interview with Matt from, over at the excellent Sports Trading Life. It's easy to forget that there are traders out there operating on the different planet to the rest of us - I grumble at a £100 losing day and this guy puts upto 40k on the line in some tennis matches! Good on him though - I find inspiration from this kind of sounds like he's developed the Holy Grail of spreadsheets!

On the move
Mets' Trading Diary is on the move soon - over to a swanky new Wordpress blog - and the blogspot one will shortly be retired. It's been a great ride so far - and the blogging will continue on the new site - but the blogspot sites only let you do so much and Wordpress offers a lot more flexibility in terms of membership offerings. Indeed, hours upon hours of research led me to the Digital Access Pass plugin, which turns any WP site into a fully fledged membership site. I've had a couple of weeks to play with it and I'm pretty impressed so far.